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Valeria Couture De Troismonts


I graduated from the University of Belgrano, Buenos Aires with a Degree in Clinical Psychology. I completed postgraduate studies in Argentina and abroad at the University of California Los Angeles, the University of Michigan, the University of Pennsylvania. Also at the University of Descartes of Medicine of Paris and in the University of the Sorbonne of Paris, France.

I am a psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience working with children, adolescents, families, couples and adults living around the world. I am also an Auditor in Health Systems.

Summary of my CV

My postgraduate courses are in Cognitive Therapy, Clinical Sexology and Neuropsychology.  I trained as a Family and Marital Systemic Therapist and worked with families at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic, USA, a Center of excellence where Systemic Structural Family Therapy was born in the United States.
I worked as a psychotherapist for the Family Therapy Team at the University of Michigan Psychiatric Hospital and at  Ann Arbor Height Center, a Michigan Juvenile Delinquent Center. I also worked as a Psychotherapist at the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital Tobar García, and at the Ramón Carrillo Psychiatric Hospital in Argentina with patients with severe mental and emotional disorders, and their families.

I worked as a Clinical Sexologist at the Hospital de Clínicas in Buenos Aires and in several Municipalities in the Province of Buenos Aires as Auditor of Mental Health Services, Trainer, Clinical Supervisor and Psychotherapist.
I am a Certified Associate of the Positive Discipline Association, USA.

Two decades ago I designed PROYECTO DE ZERO, a Program for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level  Prevention and Treatment of Domestic Violence, Child Physical Abuse, Social Pathologies and Adverse Childhood Experiences.  I have been training since then more than 800 Coaches and thousands of families in different parts of the world have been treated successfully with this model. PROYECTO DE ZERO is already being taught in Argentina, Brazil, Liberia and England.

I am a Clinical Supervisor, I train professionals in different subjects and I have been for several years a professor at the Career of Counselling.


I have designed the “Continuous Quality Improvement Program in Mental Health”.

I was a member of the "Leadership in Liberia" group, formed by a group of international Coaches who traveled to this African country to offer Coaching and Training for leaders from different communities and mental Health Agents. This experience inspired me to commit myself to the material and intellectual needs of Liberia. I travel often to Liberia to give professional training and I collaborate materially with the help of family and friends in Orphanages and Schools. 

I have been an Advisor of the General Management of Family Development of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires where Facilitators are trained in the Proyecto De Zero Program.

I´m also currently working for the NHS (National Health Service) in London in an Eating Disorders Service.

I am the mother of two lovely daughters: Sofia, 34 years old and Nicole, 30 years old, and grandmother of Coral, of 8 years old, who made me know love in its highest dimension...

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